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    Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known as social phobia, is an anxiety disorder characterized by a significant amount of fear in one or more social situations ...

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    Diagnostic criteria, information, resources, chat room, support groups and mailing list for people suffering from Social Anxiety.

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    Social anxiety disorder is often confused with shyness. Here’s how to tell the difference between everyday nervousness and one of the most common mental disorders.

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    1. Pharmaceutical Medication. The first social anxiety treatment option that comes to mind for most people is medication. Many people, even experts, usually have ...

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    sadag.org/images/brochures/Social Anxiety Disorder.pdf · Файл PDF

    Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment And Referral Guide How to recognise Social Anxiety Disorder The nature and causes of Social Anxiety Disorder

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    Social Anxiety Disorder is a real social phobia that can be diagnosed and treated. Why suffer from social anxiety?

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    Social anxiety disorder, or social anxiety, is an excessive emotional discomfort, anxiety, fear or worry about social situations. It is sometimes referred to as ...

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    Anxiety. Psychologist - Anywhere you need help... Anytime you need it... This one of a kind personal service by Dr Vincent Berger, an internationally recognized Board ...

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    Self-treatment tips you can use today for social anxiety disorder

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    It’s tough being a shy guy in the dating game. Take it from me, a supposedly smart and nice guy who was ignored by girls for most of my life.