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    The repayment schedule and maturity of a self-liquidating loan are designed to coincide with the timing of the assets' income generation.

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    Define self-liquidating: of or relating to a commercial transaction in which goods are converted into cash in a… — self-liquidating in a sentence

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    Self-liquidating loan: read the definition of Self-liquidating loan and 8,000+ other financial and investing terms in the NASDAQ.com Financial Glossary.

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    Self-liquidating loans refers to loans used to generate proceeds that are in turn used to repay the loan.

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    11/6/2017 · Self-liquidating is an adjective that's used to describe any kind of investment in which the stock, bond, or property has the...

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    Until very recently, this effort led them to lend only short-term funds and only in the form of self-liquidating loans — that is, ...

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    Full Disclosure Report!!! You have, no doubt, heard about Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans for years. You may have tried to get one, or you be trying to get one now.

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    Discounts in closed-end funds are particularly large right now, often 10%. As those discounts shrink—whether due to pressure from activist investors or a preset ...

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    Self-liquidating definition, capable of being sold and converted into cash within a short period of time or before the date on which the supplier must be paid. See more.

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    Founded in 2002, Mission Capital is a leading national real estate and debt capital markets solutions provider. We deliver value to our clients with integrated ...