1. YouTube Analytics Not Updating - YouTube


    10/7/2014 · From the beginning of this month (October 1st 2014), the AdSense analytics data on YouTube doesn't appear to be updating for anyone. Just wanted to let ...

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  2. YouTube Analytics Are Not Updating - YouTube


    12/3/2016 · They analytics have been frozen since the 28th of November although estimated earnings for December 1st showed up today. But YouTube, please fix the ...

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    2/27/2012 · Hi! I´m far from an expert on these issues, but from what I have read from others that explain it, there are many databases used to count all the ...

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    Keep the discussion to YouTube Analytics - not other YouTube products. 3. ... The total video views counter on my channel is like updating every few minutes or so now.

  5. How video views are counted - YouTube Help - Google Support


    Frozen view count. On some videos, the view count might seem frozen or not show all the views that you expect. ... Check views with YouTube Analytics.

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    5/13/2015 · Views not updating for days on videos but ... YouTube's algorithms are ... Views not updating for days on videos but are on analytics (I am NOT asking ...

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    You can monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics. There's loads of data available in different ...

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    YouTube Analytics is your channel's pulse. Learn how to uncover trends to see what’s working and what's not. Find out who’s watching, what they like to watch, and ...

  9. YouTube Analytics Not Updating - reddit.com


    Hey everyone, My YouTube Analytics have appeared to stop updating entirely. The last day that went through was Nov. 28. Anyone else?

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    This process is slightly different from that for retrieving bulk reports for YouTube Analytics since partners do not ... revision history ... Google Developers ...