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    How to Be Asexual. Asexuals, who often refer to themselves as aces, are people who feel no sexual attraction to other people of any gender (though the label is very ...

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    Asexuality is sometimes referred to as "ace" or "the ace community" by researchers or asexual and LGBT people. Because there is significant variation among people who ...

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    10/2/2017 · At first Stacey thought she wasn't normal, then she thought she might be ill. Finally she discovered she was actually asexual.

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    A character has an Incompatible Orientation when they are coveted by someone who can never have them, because they just don't swing that way. They can be …

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    A lack of experiencing sexual attraction is the only thing that all asexuals have in common. That’s what the definition of asexuality is. But that definition doesn ...